Certified quality in the production process


The professionalism of our technicians and the extreme flexibility of our services make us your ideal partner. We'll be your unique contact during the whole production process, as we create bespoke solutions designed to meet your specific requirements and ensure tailor-made consultancy oriented towards complete client satisfaction.

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Certified Quality

North Plastik certified quality

Guaranteeing product quality is our number one priority. In order to achieve it, we apply Total Quality Management. All of our collaborators regularly participate in training sessions and receive on-the-job training to hone and perfect their problem-solving skills. Monitoring and maintaining our staff's level of training is what allows us to keep up with our clients and implement all of the cutting-edge technologies in our production system.

The quality of our services is guaranteed by a team of thirteen people whose job it is to oversee and, most of all, improve the level of the work we supply. For us, certifications are a reward for how we operate on a daily basis and not an achievement in itself:

Certification UL Recognized QMMY2    
Certification ISO 9001:2015
Certification IATF 16949:2016
Certification AIAG
Certification SA8000:2014

DL 116 Imballaggi/Packaging