Your ideal partner for developing thermoplastic components

Since 1988 our mission has been to help our clients develop their products ensuring cost competitiveness, high quality standards and minimal timeframes.

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    Years of experience go into helping our clients design and realize cost-effective components and finished products that are reliable and of the highest quality, as we devote special attention to technique and design.

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    Together with our partners, we make sure our clients can count on our expertise in order to design, realize and care for the equipment necessary for the production of top quality components.

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    We're constantly renewing our machinery and equipment in order to ensure cutting-edge service capable of reproducing details of extreme technicity and functionality.

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    We also specialize in other printing services such as custom pad-printing or silk-screen printing as well as varnish and galvanized coating, according to the specific requirements or our clients.

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    We supply fully assembled products, with components made both by us and third-party companies. We oversee complex functional testing and guarantee the supply of fully assembled products made according to the specific requirements of our clients.



Our production choices are always informed by a deep-rooted care for the environment.

The environment has always been a key issue for us and we have immense respect for nature. We know how essential it is to operate responsibly in the plastics industry, and respect the environment that surrounds us, the air that we breathe and the water that we drink.

This is why each year, we invest in the latest sustainable technologies and train our staff to make products of the highest quality in total respect for the environment. In the past ten years we have improved the energy efficiency of our production and reduced the level of emissions into the environment:

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